Tuesday, April 21, 2009

black with 2

i found this site a couple of weeks ago, and thought i would have a go at this months challenge... black + pink + orange....
this month the girls added a little twist - must have paint + 20 brads
i kept thinking, what am i going to do with 20 brads? and then as i went thru my stash and came across my bella chip alphas, which not only fit the theme i had in mind, they were also the perfect place for all those bloody brads...LOL..
with a fairy tale title i continued the theme thru the journalling, starting with the classic:
"once upon a time", there was a litlle girl who refused to go to bed without her monkey"

scrap therapy - monthly theme challenge

"sweet treats"
what could be sweeter than your favourite chocolates?
i decided to use all the colours and flavours of my favourites... cherry ripe & strawberry freddo...
and what better collection to do that with than BASIC GREY - bittersweet

scrap therapy - man of the month

this months "MAN" is cosmo cricket. not a big fan, until the recent release of the " girl friday" collection, which i chose for my LO. i couldnt decide which paper to use, so i used them all and the title alphas actually come from 1 of the pages in the collection...super cute...
journalling says:
Alexandra 12 months old, supposed to be helping weed the garden... BUT... mostly eating it...

puzzle sketches

the girls at puzzle sketches were hinting at a boy type theme, having 2 girls, i wasnt sure i was going to play along this month.
i was a llittle hesitant at first, but this months pieces gave me a shove to finally scrap these photos of the girls halloween birthday party from last year.

happy birthday to me!

today is my birthday......
and what did i do?
i went to work, came home cooked dinner....etc etc
pretty much a normal day, i can count on 1 hand the number of people who wished me a happy birthday, starting with a text from hubby @ 2:09 am this morning (thanx babe)
Hubby is on night shift this week, so a belated birthday dinner is definately on the cards.
so thank you to the people who remembered, and to the rest of you.....WELL.....you are no longer on my xmas card list - Hmmmmmmph!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

lets go retro.......

i have been looking at this photo on & off for about 3 months now. i just didnt know where to start. with a determination to cull my stocks and use all of the older collections i still had left, regardless of the results....be they good, bad or ugly, i got out my basic grey box
and as i came across the "phoebe" range of papers, it reminded me of the fabulously mismatched outfits madonna wore, along with her chunky accessories, but more so the big earrings......which if i remember correctly....oh where has that photo gone....looking, looking, aha.....Nic was wearing plastic red hoop earrings. (tres daggy)
no, she wasnt re-living her youth, well not that she would admit to.....
the 80's flashback was courtesy of the companies christmas paty
bold colours, big hair and bad music
...yeah that's right, i went there.......
inspiration had struck, and this was the result. you may not be able to see it very well, but theres a lot of glitter on there (just for you Bling)

our mates Brynn & Nicole

and NO, i don't care how much you beg, this pic is here to stay

scrap therapy - monthly theme challenge

while scoping out the scrap therapy challenge forums and galleries, i came across the monthly "theme" challenge amongst all the other things going on over there.(i get dizzy just thinking about it)
this months challenge is to create a layout that features ABC and 123. you need to use something that starts with the letter A, letter B and letter C, and you also need to use 1 of an item, 2 of another item and 3 of another item.
hmmmm....sounds easy enough - not entirely
here is how i justified my entry, to fit the criteria.

A - altered alphas coloured/dimensioned (they were white)
B - basic grey paper
C - chip alphas/crystalina kindy glitz on flowers (bit of a stretch)
1 - heart fastener
2 - journalling tags
3 - crystal bling / 3 word title

even though this picture was taken at the beach, i really loved the colours she was wearing so i based the page on those instead.
another challenge i find quite interesting is the "man of the month". (man = manufacturer) details and entry will be forthcoming....
just waiting for my photos to arrive...yay!...stay tuned...