Saturday, March 21, 2009

lets go retro.......

i have been looking at this photo on & off for about 3 months now. i just didnt know where to start. with a determination to cull my stocks and use all of the older collections i still had left, regardless of the they good, bad or ugly, i got out my basic grey box
and as i came across the "phoebe" range of papers, it reminded me of the fabulously mismatched outfits madonna wore, along with her chunky accessories, but more so the big earrings......which if i remember correctly....oh where has that photo gone....looking, looking, aha.....Nic was wearing plastic red hoop earrings. (tres daggy)
no, she wasnt re-living her youth, well not that she would admit to.....
the 80's flashback was courtesy of the companies christmas paty
bold colours, big hair and bad music
...yeah that's right, i went there.......
inspiration had struck, and this was the result. you may not be able to see it very well, but theres a lot of glitter on there (just for you Bling)

our mates Brynn & Nicole

and NO, i don't care how much you beg, this pic is here to stay

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