Thursday, March 19, 2009

scrap therapy - man of the month

scrap therapy "Man (manufacturer) of the Month" for March is "Bella".
the object of the challenge is to use all or majority of items
on your layout (LO) by the chosen company for that month.
this was a first for me using the stark contrast of black & white.
YES....i know....shocking isn't it.
my inner child was waving a pack of crayolas, screaming "don't do it"

i have been rather hesitant doing my wedding photos, still am....there was so much drama on the day and after, that it is still a sore point for me. So I think to do this layout in black & white is only fitting, considering the cirumstances, being such a "dark" day in an otherwise sweet life.

anything that could go wrong did. between the cars, photographers, the ceremony venue to reception venues version of the menu we selected......
correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm pretty sure this is why you have
... like, a gazillion meetings to make sure everything is perfect.......

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